The Perfect Summer Family, Romance, 2014
Cast: Eric Roberts (Oscar Nominee), Sydney Penny, Adam Horner, Katie Garfield
Director: Gary Wheeler

In The Perfect Summer, fatherless teenager Jake is happy living in Chicago, until his mother decides to uproot them to a small surfing town where her estranged father, Jake's grandfather, lives. Relocated to a picturesque beach town with no friends and no knowledge of surfing, Jake has nowhere to turn until Cody, the local surf shop owner, reveals that Jake's grandfather is a surf legend.

The Trail (Let God) Adventure, 2014
Cast:Jasmin Jandreau, Shannon Brown, Tommy Nash, Brianna Oppenheimer
Director: William Parker

As rumors of gold in California spread across the United States in 1848. Levi decides it is time to head west with Amelia, his young housewife, to stake their claim and build a better life. On the trail they encounter unimaginable danger that will ultimately change the course of their lives. Amelia somehow makes this story or survival a powerful movie about faith and overcoming all odds.

My Name Is Paul Action, 2014
Cast: Andrew Roth, Cranston Johnson, Joe Coffey, Shannen Fields, Michael Joiner
Director: Trey Ore

Caught between two worlds, Paul blinded by hate and intent on destruction is determined to find and kill Peter, the enemy. However a terrible accident takes him off course and on a road to discovery where he learns to live and love.

Hope For Hurting Hearts Documentary, 2014
Cast:Dr. James Dobson, Greg Laurie, Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic
Director: Dwight Thompson

Hope For Hurting Hearts shows Greg Laurie, Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic, and how they and their families dealt with times of extreme suffering, with each choosing a road of trust. You will be encouraged by these intimate accounts and declare that there truly is Hope For Hurting Hearts.

Veil Of Tears Documentary, 2014
Cast: Natalie Grant, Dr. K.P Yohannan, Dr. Daniel Johnson
Director: Kenny Saylors, Kyle Saylors

A gripping look into the difficulties facing the women of India and what is being done to counteract generations of oppression against them. Filmed across the stunning nation of India in some of the most remote tribal villages in the world today this is a journey where few outsiders have gone before.

Mother India Documentary, 2014
Cast:David Trotter, Shawn Scheinoha, Noah Lamberth, Rebecca St. James
Director: Noah Lamberth, David Trotter

Narrated by Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James, Mother India Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan is a compelling documentary capturing the life and stories of 25 abandoned and orphaned children living along the railway.

Infiltrators Action/Adventure, 2013
Cast: Jonny Cruz, Nathalie Kelley, Hallee Hirsh
Director: Michael Stokes

Jimmy Romero is an ex-thief turned adventure-loving ‘urban explorer’ who delves into abandoned buildings, storm drains, and forgotten tunnels for fun and challenge. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon, Jimmy finds himself leading a team into a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior is an ancient religious relic spirited out of France World War II and lost for the last seventy years. The tycoon wants Jimmy to recover it but there are others hunting for the relic as well. Jimmy finds himself in a nine- story battle with a sophisticated crew of bandits… all while time counts inexorably down to implosion.

One Small Hitch Romantic Comedy, 2012
Cast:Shane McRae, Aubrey Dollar, Daniel J. Travanti, Janet Ulrich Brooks
Director: John Burgess

On a flight home to Chicago for a family wedding, childhood friends Josh and Molly innocently agree to fake a wedding engagement to make Josh's dying father happy. Things quickly get out of hand with their two boisterous families, and a series of events causes them to pretend to be a couple and start planning a phony wedding. When the playacting begins to foster real feelings, the two must make some serious decisions - split up and return to their lives in Los Angeles, or make a life as a couple back in Chicago...?

Getting Back to Zero Thriller, 2012
Cast: William Atherton, Alexis Arquette, Wayne Newton
Director: Roger Roth

When Derek and Charlie’s dad died, he left them more than just his craps table. They inherited his 3.5 million dollar gambling debt and three days to pay it back. To make matters worse, their father’s loan sharks are out for blood. With the odds of staying alive against them, and their inability to agree on anything, they decide to host a craps game thinking the odds are in their favor. Unfortunately for them they quickly learn that ‘the house doesn’t always win’ and that dice controllers can really control dice! As they grow deeper into debt they must put aside their differences, and work together in hopes of staying alive, and with a little luck, Getting Back To Zero.

Deadline Thriller, 2012
Cast:Eric Roberts, Steve Talley, Anna Felix, Lauren Jenkins
Director: Curt Hahn

The murder of an African American youth in rural Alabama has gone unpunished, unsolved and uninvestigated for almost twenty years. But that changes when Nashville Times reporter Matt Harper meets an idealistic blue blood bent on discovering the truth. Harper undertakes the investigation despite the opposition of his publisher, violent threats from mysterious forces, a break-up with his fiancee and his father's cancer diagnosis. Deadline is a story of murder, family, race, and of redemption - for a small Southern town and for Matt Harper.

Abel's Field Drama, 2011
Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Samuel Davis, Richard Dillard
Director: Gordie Haakstad

In the small town of Sinai, Texas, football reigns. But high school senior Seth McArdle has little time for it. With his mom passed away and his dad run away, Seth works hard to support himself and his young twin sisters. A run-in with kings of the football field lands Seth a month of after-school labor as punishment. There he meets Abel Adamson, a taut, bitter stranger working part time as the school groundskeeper.

Overnight Romantic Comedy, 2011
Cast:Rachel Blanchard, James D'Arcy, Anthony LaPaglia
Director: Valerie Breiman

After breaking up with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, Jenny shares a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York with a love-damaged group of passengers-- a pilot with anger management issues, some oversexed flight attendants, a hip-hop superstar trying to keep it real in coach, and a handsome young professor who's been unlucky in romance. Along with a tiny dog named Kaz, these strangers buckle up for love's bumpy ride.

Take Me Home Romantic Comedy, 2011
Cast: Sam Jaeger, Amber Jaeger, Victor Garber
Director: Sam Jaeger

Having discovered that her husband is cheating on her, Claire jumps into a New York taxi and tells the driver to just drive. With his directorial debut, Sam Jaeger invites you on a fantastic journey across America. TAKE ME HOME is a funny, heartfelt story where the locations – New York City, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and even California’s coast – play a vital role. Ultimately, the taxi driver, Thom (Sam Jaeger), and Claire (Amber Jaeger), must choose between the lives they have left behind, and the possibilities of a future together glimpsed during their journey.

Some Guy Who Kills People Horror Comedy, 2011
Cast:Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Lucy Davis, Ariel Gade, Leo Fitzpatrick
Director: Jack Perez

Ken Boyd, fresh out of the mental hospital, has returned to his small hometown, where he works at the ice cream parlor, and lives with his mother. When not scooping ice cream for his bully of a boss or dealing with his mom's incessant insults, Ken spends his time either drawing, or trying to kill each of the guys he deems responsible for his miserable life. However, carrying out his murderous plan becomes more difficult for Ken when his estranged daughter shows up, eager to get to know her father. Further complicating matters is the Town Sheriff, who is hot on Ken's trail, and sleeping with Ken's mom.

Rising Stars Family, 2010
Cast: Fisher Stevens, Catherine Mary Stewart, Barry Corbin, Graham Patrick Martin, Rebecca St. James
Director: Daniel Millican

The finalists for the "Rising Stars" competition have been selected and the competition is fierce. Three musical acts and three filmmakers are paired up in a battle to see who can create the best original song and music video. The opportunity of a lifetime is on the line the winning artists will score a record deal and the winning filmmaker is guaranteed a multi-million dollar studio contract. The finalists are sent to the prestigious Joliet Fine Arts College where cameras are waiting to capture their every move as the last stage of the competition is broadcast to the country via a reality television show.

Good Day For It Thriller, 2010
Cast:Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Samantha Mathis, Mika Boorem, Robert Englund, Christian Kane, Lance Henriksen, Kathy Baker
Director: Nick Stagliano

A man forced to abandon his wife and daughter years earlier must risk his life to settle an old score and reunite his family.

White Irish Drinkers , 2010
Cast: Stephen Lang, Peter Riegert, Karen Allen
Director: John Gray

In the vein of the film THE FIGHTER, two teenage brothers living with their abusive father and their well-meaning but ineffective mother are caught up in a life of petty crime. Older brother Danny concocts a daring scheme to steal enough money for the two to escape, timed around the chaos of an upcoming Rolling Stones concert. The sensitive younger brother, Brian, ultimately has a choice – remain loyal to the brother with whom he shares a powerful love-hate bond, or use his hidden talent as an artist for his own ticket out of their dead-end existence.

Summer Eleven Family, 2010
Cast:Valerie Mahaffey, Adam Arkin
Director: Joseph Kell

“Summer Eleven” is a heartwarming story of summer beginning and eleven year old Vanessa wondering if she and her friends will be able to maintain their bond past elementary school. It becomes clear that even though the usual childhood pleasures of summer are there – ice cream trucks, backyard camping, impromptu yard soccer with boys (gasp!) – there is also the specter of terrible adult difficulties in their respective families. With grace, tears, laughter and some shock - (remember when you learned the facts of life?) – our four young heroines make their way through summer to the much dreaded, but inevitable, middle school.

Wild About Harry Drama, 2010
Cast: Tate Donovan, Adam Pascal, Danielle Savre, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Josh Peck
Director: Gwen Wynne

Cape Cod, 1973. "Wild About Harry" tells the story of teenager Madeline, who wants nothing more than to fit in after moving to a new town. That turns out to be more difficult than she thinks when she discovers her father's got a boyfriend.

Not Since You Romantic Comedy, 2009
Cast:Starring: Desmond Harrington, Kathleen Robertson, Christian Kane, Jon Abrahams, Sunny Mabrey, Will Estes, Elden Henson, Sara Rue, Barry Corbin, Liane Balaban, Victoria Leigh
Director: Jeff Stephenson

A romantic comedy in the vein of SEX IN THE CITY where a friend’s wedding unites old friends. One woman finds her soul mate, one woman is caught between two best friends, and one woman is torn between her husband and former love. They all fight to find romance and happiness.

Coyote County Loser Romantic Comedy, 2009
Cast: Nikki Boyer, Beau Clark, Frederic Doss, K Callan, Wayne Grace
Director: Jason Naumann

COYOTE COUNTY LOSER is a crowd-pleasing, family friendly, romantic comedy about how Jack Proctor, LA radio jock, rolls into dusty Coyote County and challenges local relationship expert, Lauren Hartford, Phd, to an ON AIR battle to prove his suave ways are more effective in helping listeners find love than her by-the-book advice.

In My Sleep Thriller, 2009
Cast:Philip Winchester, Tim Draxl, Lacey Chabert, Abigail Spencer, Kelly Overton
Director: Allen Wolf

Marcus wakes up in the middle of a cemetery half naked and has no idea how he got there. Urgent questions pound inside his head. "Where was I last night? Whom was I with?" Marcus suffers from parasomnia, a rare sleep disorder which causes him to do things in his sleep which he cannot remember the next day. His situation takes a horrifying turn when Marcus wakes up covered in blood with a knife at his side. Then, the wife of his best friend is found stabbed to death. Marcus is terrified to put together the pieces - could he have murdered her in his sleep to hide a dark secret between them? His journey to discover the truth ends in a shocking discovery.

Greetings From The Shore Romantic Dramedy, 2008
Cast: Kim Shaw, Paul Sorvino, David Fumero
Director: Greg Chwerchak

Beautifully shot on 35mm, a young girl spends one last summer on the Jersey shore before heading off to college. However, when her plans fall apart, the girl stumbles into a mysterious world of Russian sailors, high stakes gambling, and unexpected love.

Bare Knuckles Action, 2009
Cast:Jeanette Roxborough, Martin Kove, Chris Mulkey, Louis Mandylor, Bridgett “Babydoll” Riley, Teya Roxborough
Director: Eric Etebari

Inspired by a true story, this film is about a stuntwoman who enters the high stakes private world of female fist fighters to earn money to pay for her daughter that needs special care. Roxborough (who strongly resembles Robin Wright Penn) plays Samantha with a combination of vulnerability and steely determination to prevail against all odds. Fine performances by veteran character actors Chris Mulkey and Martin Kove as her trainer and manager make this film engaging and exciting to watch. It gives the viewer an inside look at a secret world that only the very rich can enter.

All Roads Lead Home Family, 2008
Cast: Peter Coyote, Jason London, Peter Boyle, Vivien Cardone, Patton Oswalt
Director: Dennis Fallon

In this 35mm heart warming family film, the father and grandfather of a twelve year old girl struggle to raise her after her mother dies in a car crash. When she saves a young puppy, the family’s lives begin to change for the best. Animal lovers the world over will adore this film.

Video Guys, The Family Comedy, 2009
Cast:Dan Brennan, Russ Camarda, Chris Douros, Tom Doran, Johnny Ferro, Allison Lane, Sabrina Brennan
Director: Dan Brennan

Your wedding day can be the most stressful day of your life. The Video Guys have seen it all, from cheating grooms to sexy brides. They know how to be discreet and how to deal with any problem thrown at them. Now they face their greatest challenge…to shoot one of their ex-wife’s weddings.

War Wolves Sci-Fi, 2008
Cast: John Saxon, Michael Worth, Tim Thomerson, Adrienne Barbeau
Director: Michael Worth

Jack Ford leads a special forces unit back to the United States to hunt down Jake Gabriel, a soldier who has been infected with the werewolf virus that turns man into wolf. Little does Jack know that three of the female soldiers serving in his unit have also been infected and have already transformed into she-wolves. The she-wolves forces of evil and Ford’s special op forces of good, are pitted against each other in the race to save mankind from turning into wolves.

Neighbor, The Romantic Comedy, 2007
Cast:Michele Laroque, Matthew Modine, Ed Quinn, Gina Mantegna
Director: Eddie O'Flaherty

A businessman (Modine) watches as his life begins to unravel after learning his ex-wife is going to marry his best friend. A distracting battle of wills with a real estate developer, however, might just be the thing that turns his life around.

Heavy Petting Romantic Comedy, 2007
Cast: Malin Akerman, Brendan Hines, Kevin Sussman
Director: Marcel Sarmiento

When Charlie (Hines) meets Daphne (Akerman), the girl of his dreams, he never expects he will have to battle past her pet dog “Babydoll” to win her heart. Just when it seems he can’t beat the beast, and all is lost, something unexpected happens.

Greener Mountains Family/Mystery/Romance, 2008
Cast:Chris Heuisler, Kimberly McCullough, Brad Raider, Kevin Durand
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel

Greener Mountain is the story of JP Barton an adopted boy raised on a Vermont family resort. Since being found as an infant by the aging owner, JP has essentially never left the resort grounds. The arrival of a young, free spirited artist, Alice Flynn, pits brother against brother and propels JP on an explosive course vying for her love. Desire collides with betrayal in this passionate romance.

Indian, The Mystery/Drama, 2007
Cast: Matt Dallas, Sal Landi, Alison Haislip
Director: James R. Gorrie

The repairing of the old Indian motorcycle brings father and son back together. The father comes back into the son’s life for all the wrong reasons and stays for all the right reasons and it will take the love of the beautiful girl mechanic to show him the way.

Green Flash Romantic/Action/Adventure, 2008
Cast:David Charvet, Torrey DeVitto, Jaleel White
Director: Paul Nihipali

Just in time for the Olympic Games this summer comes this fabulous romantic action adventure story around the world of volleyball on the beautiful beaches of the United States. David Charvet (BAYWATCH) makes an unlikely run at stardom on the pro beach volleyball tour. His greatest chance for victory may require the help of the art-loving, sport-loathing object of his affection, Devitto (ONE TREE HILL).

Conjurer Supernatural Thriller, 2008
Cast: Andrew Bowen, Maxine Bahns, John Schneider
Director: Clint Hutchison

After moving to the country to start life anew after their child's death, photographer Shawn Burnett (Andrew Bowen) and his wife, Helen (Maxine Bahns), begin to suspect that a ramshackle cabin on their property is haunted by the malevolent spirit of a long-dead witch who once lived there. John Schneider plays Helen's brother in this award-winning indie chiller.

Official Selection - 2009 Slamdance Film Festival

"A rather fine little gothic thriller" - Scott Weinberg, Cinematical

"A think mood of gothic dread." - LA Weekly

"Genuinely creepy" -

For the Love of a Dog Family, 2008
Cast:Sherman Hemsley (THE JEFFERSONS), Phil Vassar, Jules Mayes, Maggie Edwards, Tina Witherby, Gary Donald
Director: Sheree Le Mon

This is a heartwarming story of a family who binds together with their neighbors and community to save the life of a loveable German Shepard.

Short Track Family, 2008
Cast: Pepper Sweeney, Barbara Niven, Joshua Snyder, Ann Bratton, Patrick Gorman
Director: Marie Hopkins

Racecar champion Blake Beckett ends his weeks in 120 mph races. This serves as a backdrop of a charming family film. The excitement of auto racing mixes with the challenges of bringing up a teenage daughter and deaf son. All this is happening while Blake longs to make it to the sport’s top series. Will he succeed?

Forfeit Thriller, 2007
Cast:Billy Burke, Sherry Stringfield, Gregory Itzen, Wayne Knight
Director: Andrew Shea

As a teenager, Frank (Burke) murdered his abusive father, avoided penalty, and ran out on his pregnant girlfriend, Karen (Stringfield). Thinking Karen aborted his unborn child, Frank re-enters Karen’s life 18 years later with revenge on his mind, and a complicated plan to set Karen up for his own murder.

Nanny Insanity Comedy, 2006
Cast: Cynthia Preston, Larry Dorf, Alla Korot, Howard Hesseman
Director: Kevin Connor

Some hilarious things happen to a Philadelphia couple after they hire a Ukrainian housekeeper.

Open Window , 2006
Cast:Robin Tunney, Joel Edgerton, Cybill Shepherd
Director: Mia Goldman

A random act of violence threatens a recently engaged couples relationship which underscores the healing power of reclaiming one's own self determination.

Juncture Female Thriller, 2006
Cast: Kristine Blackport, Elizabeth Rose, John Hutton
Director: James Seale

An ordinary woman turned vigilante embarks on a personal quest to dispense her own style of brutal retribution.

L.A. Blues Dark Comedy, 2007
Cast:Anthony Michael Hall, Dave Foley, Kevin Rahm, William Ragsdale, Sean Maguire, Nicholas D'Agosto, George Wend
Director: Ian Gurvitz

A year in the lives of 6 guys who hang out in a blues bar in Hollywood, dealing with heartache and longing, loving and losing, striving and failing, and dealing with adversity; creating a story about male friendship and the way these guys communicate.

Disorder Thriller, 2006
Cast: Darren Kendrick, Lauren Seika
Director: Jack Thomas Smith

When David Randall (Darren Kendrick) was sent away for a brutal double murder, his claims of innocence and description of a masked killer went ignored; accompanied by the horrific memory of that night, David is now on a quest to prove his innocence by returning home with hopes for a new life.

Afghan Knights Action/Adventure, 2006
Cast:Michael Madsen, Steve Bacic, Chris Kramer
Director: Allan Harmon

Pepper's last mission is to find a man left behind, he ends up is a supernatural battle lead by the warrior Genghis Kahn.

Drop Dead Sexy Thriller, 2005
Cast: Crispin Glover, Jason Lee
Director: Michael Philip

Frank and Eddie take a quick and easy job running a truckload of stolen cigarettes to Mexico. On the way there, the truck blows up. Now the guy who hired them either wants his cigarettes back or them dead.

Lost Signal Psychological Thriller, 2006
Cast:Al Santos, Sandra McCoy
Director: Brian McNamara

After leaving a New Years Eve party, Kevin and Tiffany find themselves battling the elements as well as inner demons as they try to make their way out of the deep forest.

Devil on the Mountain Creature Feature/Thriller, 2005
Cast: Lance Henricksen, Cerina Vincent, Michael Worth
Director: Steven R. Monroe

In the Arizona mountains, a legendary monster forces a group of thieves to team up with law enforcement in order to escape with their lives.

Quarterlife Crisis Romantic Comedy, 2006
Cast:Lisa Ray, Maulik Pancholy
Director: Kiran Merchant

Dumped on his 27th birthday by his college sweetheart for being indecisive, Neil makes a silly bet that takes him on a wild ride through New York’s singles scene.

Succubus Action Thriller, 2006
Cast: Gary Busey, David Keith, Lorenzo Lamas, Kelly Hu
Director: Kim Bass

Sometimes what happens on Spring Break doesn’t stay at Spring Break… it follows you home.

Headspace Horror, 2005
Cast:Olivia Hussey (Romeo & Juliet), William Atherton (Die Hard 1&2), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Dee Wallace Stone (ET), Udo Kier (Suspiria), Mark Margolis (Requiem for a dream)
Director: Andrew van den Houten

Family , 2006
Cast: Renee Humphrey, Boyd Kestner, Tanner Richie
Director: J.M. Logan

When Eldon and Cole pick up a hitchhiker, they quickly learn that everything is not what it seems.

Lucky 13 Romantic Comedy, 2005
Cast:Brad Hunt, Harland Williams, Joe Doe, and Lauren Graham
Director: Chris Hall

Before he loses his childhood sweetheart, Zach tracks down all 12 of his ex-girlfriends to ask them what went wrong. It is the only way to get it right before the love of his life becomes unlucky number 13!

Tracks Prison Action Drama, 2005
Cast: Chris Gunn, John Heard, and Ice-T
Director: Peter Wade

The true survival story of a suburban teenager who is convicted of murder and sentenced to a maximum security prison with adult hard-core criminals and what he must do to survive.

Music by Ice-T.

Long Distance Thriller, 2005
Cast:Monica Keena, Ivan Martin, Kevin Chapman, Tamala Jones,
Director: Marcus Stern

Monica Keena (FREDDY VS. JASON), Ivan Martin (Prey for Rock & Roll) and Kevin Chapman (21 Grams, Ladder 49) When a young woman misdials a phone number, she calls into a murder in progress. The killer latches onto her, taunting her by phone, as his string of serial killings heads closer and closer to her front door. International rights available.

Fighting Tommy Riley Action, 2004
Cast: Eddie Jones and J.P. Davis
Director: Eddie O'Flaherty

In the style of ROCKY, a young fighter and an ailing trainer, both in need of a second chance, team-up to overcome the demons of their past...and chase the dreams of their future.

Tough Luck Thriller, 2003
Cast:Armand Assante, Norman Reedus, Dagmara Dominczyk
Director: Gary Ellis

A tense and intricate web of deceit and betrayal entangles Archie (Norman Reedus), a wandering grifter who is hired by a traveling carnival owner (Armand Assante) to murder his beautiful wife, Divana (Dagmara Dominczyk), only to be seduced into acting as her accomplice. He tries to fake the murder and collect his payment, but is double-crossed and framed for the crime.....

Breaking Dawn Thriller, 2003
Cast: Kelly Overton, James Haven, Sarah-Jane Potts, Hank Harris
Director: Mark Edwin Robinson

A beautiful medical student investigates the dark secrets of a murderous mental patient. As she pushes the patient to reveal the truth about a brutal killing, she becomes consumed by his paranoia, entering a dark place where reality is blurred by the ravings of a madman. On the edge of sanity she must take an extraordinary risk to save herself.

El Cortez , 2006
Cast:Lou Diamond Phillips, Tracy Midendorf, Bruce Weitz
Director: Stephen Purvis

After five years in prison, Manny returns to Reno where he get caught up in a labyrinth that leads to a murderous triple cross.

Easy Romantic Comedy, 2004
Cast: Marguerite Moreau, Brian F. O’Byrne, Naveen Andrews, Emily Deschanel, D.B. Woodside, John Rothman, and Caroline Goodall
Director: Jane Weinstock

Easy is a very funny, beautifully touching film about a gorgeous young woman who sleeps around, can’t find a relationship and finally discovers herself. It’s smart, sexy, raw and real.

In Competition-2004 Sundance Film Festival
Official Selection-2003 Toronto International Film Festival

"ENCHANTING" - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times
"STRIKING" - David Ansen, Newsweek
"AMAZING" - Don Lewis, Film Threat
"IRRESISTIBLE" - Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons
"HONEST" - Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune

Spin Romantic Drama, 2003
Cast:Stanley Tucci, Dana Delany, Ruben Blades, Ryan Merriman
Director: James Redford

A rebellious teen struggles to follow father’s last wishes by learning to fly. Faced with losing his girlfriend to a family tragedy, he must race high above the Arizona desert to save her from certain death.

Winner of the Crystal Heart Award & Best Music Award -Heartland Film Festival
Official Selection-Mill Valley Film Festival
Official Selection-AFI Film Festival

No Witness , 2004
Cast: Steve Barnes, Jeff Fahey, Corey Feldman, Marisa Petroro, and Michael Damian
Director: Michael Valverde

Recently indicted Senator Gene Haskell has his lackey hire a professional hit man to clean up a few messes, including removing a crime syndicate and kidnapping an underage girl who’s obsessed with being the senator’s wife. Several bodies later, the senator comes face to face with his past while trying to leave no witness.

Ring Girls Action, 2004
Cast:Gina Carano, LaTasha Marzolla, Ardra Hernandez, Christine Toledo, Lisa King and Master Toddy
Director: Jennifer Ferrara & Thomas Weber

A world renown Muay Thai kick boxing master trains five American women to be the fiercest fighters on the planet and face the best Muay Thai boxers on their home ground. Shot in Las Vegas and Thailand.

Admissions Drama, 2003
Cast: Lauren Ambrose, Amy Madigan, Christopher Lloyd, Fran Kranz,John Savage
Director: Melissa Painter

A charming 17 year-old girl deliberately sabotages her interviews at prestigious colleges. She lies about her savant sister’s poetry writing setting off a chain of events which include an infamous TV appearance, a new love, and the revelation of a long buried family secret.

A Promise Kept Thriller, 2003
Cast:Sean Patrick Flanery, Joey Lauren Adams, Mimi Rogers
Director: Daniel Millican

Detective Ben Simm's life spins out of control when his wife is killed by a serial killer. With his beautiful new partner, he is assigned to capture the vigilante whose very goal is to avenge his wife’s murder.

Happy Hour Drama, 2002
Cast: Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz, and Caroleen Feeney
Director: Mike Bencivenga

Set in present day New York, this is the dramatic and emotional story of a gifted writer and the two people who come to understand him best – his best friend who idolizes his talent, and the woman who comes to love him.

Winner-Audience Award for Best Feature- 2004 Florida Film Festival
Official Selection—Austin Film Festival
Official Selection—Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Official Selection—Sonoma Valley Film Festival

“…great performances and sharp-witted dialog knocked back with a shot of surprising life-changing events.” – Sonoma Valley Film Festival

Hit Me Thriller, 2005
Cast:Max Herholz, Camden Brady, Kofi Natei
Director: Michael Kinney

A dangerous woman recruits a math genius to join a blackjack counting scheme to break a Las Vegas casino. But when the team hits Sin City and millions are on the line, everyone learns that the perfect crime isn’t so perfect.

Frankie & Johnny Are Married Romantic Comedy, 2003
Cast: Michael Pressman, Lisa Chess, Alan Rosenberg, Stephen Tobolowsky with cameos by David E. Kelley, Mandy Patinkin, Leslie Moonves, Kathy Baker and Hector Elizondo
Director: Michael Pressman

How far would you go to save your marriage? Michael Pressman found the answer the hard way through giving up his job, going into debt, and being totally naked.

Winner of the Renaissance Award-Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival
Montreal International Film Festival
AFI Film Festival

“Two touching love stories…”—Toronto Star

“A film that is by turns hilarious, touching and romantic.”—Peter Martin, AFI Film Festival

“A witty, well-paced tale.”—Hollywood Reporter

Finding Home Family Drama, 2004
Cast:Genevieve Bujold (Academy Award Nominee), Lisa Brenner, Louise Fletcher (Academy Award Winner), Justin Henry, Misha Collins
Director: Lawrence David Foldes

A young woman, tormented by memories of her traumatic removal from her grandmother's inn, returns to solve the hidden mystery and her conflicted feelings about the inn's young caretaker.

“Stunning…impeccably crafted.”—Variety

“Handsome…lavish…life-changing.”—The Hollywood Reporter

100 Mile Rule Thriller, 2002
Cast: Jake Weber, Maria Bello, David Thornton, Michael McKean
Director: Brent Huff

After his one-night affair is caught on tape, a married salesman must outwit a beautifully dangerous woman. Three Detroit salesmen come to Los Angeles for a sales seminar. Away from their wives and children, Bobby, Jerry, and their boss, Howard are tempted by the pretty women and the flowing alcohol at the hotel bar. An upstanding family man, Bobby tries desperately not to fall under the peer pressure of his co-workers' motto, the "100 mile rule." If you are 100 miles away from home, you are free to play. While Jerry and Howard spend their free time in pursuit of young females, Bobby sensibly keeps himself occupied with jogging along the harbor. There he meets Monica, a waitress from the hotel bar. That evening, they meet for an innocent dinner. She invites Bobby to her place for an innocent nightcap. He agrees . . . but just for a minute. Giving in to Monica's charm and beauty, he is seduced and the trap is set. The next day, Monica calls to say that she videotaped their affair, and wants $60,000 or she will send the tape to his wife. Frantic, Bobby enlists the help of his co-workers in double-crossing Monica. But in the end, it is Bobby alone who must decide if his marriage is worth murder.

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