Dog Gone Love (aka Man’s Best Friend)

Title: Dog Gone Love (aka Man’s Best Friend)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Year: 2003
Director: Rob Lundsgaard
Writer: Scott J. Sloan & Rob Lundsgaard
Producers: Rob Lundsgaard, Scott J. Sloan
Cast: Alexander Chaplin, Lindsay Sloane, Richard Kind, Jordan Ladd

Steven's new romantic relationship with Rebecca is going great: they both like dogs, good books, and shopping. The only problem is that Rebecca thinks he's gay.

On a trip to the animal clinic, Steven meets the charming and beautiful veterinarian assistant, Rebecca. They hit it off. Unfortunately, Nick, Steven's bookie, shows up and due to their friendly relationship, Rebecca assumes Steven likes men.

Then it dawns on Steven. It is the perfect angle to use in finishing his novel. He'll change the character of Denise to Dennis and make him gay. And since he is enjoying his time with Rebecca, Steven decides to pretend to adopt the lifestyle.

All goes smoothly at first, Steven's book writes itself. Rebecca and Steven get closer, so close that even their dogs fall in love. Then Nick starts pressuring Steven for the money, Rebecca's boss Tristan hits on Steven, and Steven is irresistibly attracted to Rebecca. However he can't say anything, because he is pretending to be gay.

Accidentally, Steven's best friend tells Rebecca the truth and she feels completely betrayed. Although Steven tries to explain, Rebecca refuses to even speak with him. Making a final attempt, Steven walks to her house with his dog, Lucky, and his new best selling novel in hand. Impatiently, Lucky runs out into the street and is struck by a car. Rebecca helps Steven rush Lucky to the animal clinic. While tending to the recovering dog, Steven confesses all to her and hopes for the best. After all, wouldn't it be great to be in love with someone you already are friends with?