About Us

CURB ENTERTAINMENT was formed in 1984 to concentrate on film production and distribution. A member of the Independent Film and Television Alliance (IFTA), Curb Entertainment maintains a presence at major film and television markets. The company’s record division, Curb Records, remains one of the largest independent labels in the world.

CURB’s exceptional growth is due to selective film production and acquisition, individualized marketing strategies and strong salesmanship. CURB has an extensive catalogue of more than 100 feature films in a variety of genres. 
More recently Curb Entertainment announced the distribution of Word Films' faith based films outside of the U.S

The inaugural slate of films includes the following:

THE PERFECT SUMMER (Family/Romance) with Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts and Sydney Penny
THE TRAIL aka LET GOD (Adventure) with Jasmin Jandreau
MY NAME IS PAUL (Action) with Andrew Roth and Shannen Fields
HOPE FOR HURTING HEARTS (Documentary) with Dr. James Dobson
VEIL OF TEARS (Documentary) with Natalie Grant
MOTHER INDIA (Documentary) with David Trotter and Rebecca St. James
SEASON OF A LIFETIME (Documentary) with Jeremy Williams


ONE SMALL HITCH (Romantic Comedy) Winner of “Best Picture” at Cinequest Festival and Sedona Int’l Film Festival
OVERNIGHT (Romantic Comedy) with Rachel Blanchard, James D’arcy, and Anthony LaPaglia
ABEL’S FIELD (Family) with Kevin Sorbo and Samuel Davis
DEADLINE (Thriller) with Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts and Anna Felix
TAKE ME HOME (Romantic Comedy) with Sam Jaeger, Victor Garber, and Cristine Rose
SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (Thriller) with Kevin Corrigan and Karen Black
WHITE IRISH DRINKERS (Thriller) with Stephen Lang and Karen Allen
A GOOD DAY FOR IT (Action/Thriller) with Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, and Hal Halbrook
RISING STARS (Family) with Fisher Stevens, Barry Corbin, and Rebecca St. James
WILD ABOUT HARRY (Drama) with Tate Donovan, Adam Pascal, and Danielle Savre
INFILTRATORS (Action) with Jonny Cruz and Nathalie Kelley
GETTING BACK TO ZERO (Thriller) with William Atherton and Alexis Arquette


OXYGEN (Thriller) with Adrien Brody and Maura Tierny (HBO Premiere)
FAMILY TREE (Family) with Robert Forster and Cliff Robertson (Warner Bros)
KILL ME LATER (Action / Adventure) with Selma Blair and Max Beesley (Lions Gate)
WEDDING BELL BLUES (Romantic Comedy) with Paulina Porizkova and Illeana Douglas
PIPE DREAM (Romantic Comedy) with Martin Donovan and Mary-Louise Parker
MEXICO CITY (Thriller) with Robert Patrick and Stacy Edwards
THE UNTOLD (Horror) with Lance Henriksen and Andrea Roth *SyFy Premiere
DEVIL ON THE MOUNTAIN (Thriller) with Lance Henriksen and Cerina Vincent *SyFy Premiere
WARWOLVES (Horror / Sci-Fi) with John Saxon and Adrienne Barbeau *SyFy Premiere
ZOE (Drama) with Jenny Seagrove and Vanessa Zima
THE PROPOSAL (Thriller) with Jennifer Esposito and Nick Moran
PRESSURE (Thriller) with Kerr Smith, Lochlyn Munroe and Angela Featherstone
WATER’S EDGE (Thriller) with Nathan Fillion, Daniel Baldwin, and Emmanuelle Vaugier
OUT OF LINE (Thriller) with Jennifer Beals and Holt McCallany