All Roads Lead Home   

GENRE: Family
YEAR: 2008
Director: Dennis Fallon

In this heart warming family film, the father and grandfather of a twelve year old girl struggle to raise her after her mother dies in a car crash. When she saves a young puppy, the family's lives begin to change for the best. Animal lovers the world over will adore this film.

Caged No More  

GENRE: Word Feature Films, Thriller
Director: Lisa Arnold

Inspired by real events, CAGED NO MORE is the story of Aggie Prejean who is on a desperate search to find her two godddaughters, Skye and Elle, who have been kidnapped by their sinister father. As the details behind the girls’ disappearance...

Perfect Summer, The  

GENRE: Word Feature Films, Romance, Family
YEAR: 2014
Director: Gary Wheeler

Fatherless teenager Jake is uprooted to a small surfing town where her estranged father, Jake's grandfather, lives. With no friends and no knowledge of surfing, Jake has nowhere to turn until Cody, the local surf shop owner, reveals that Jake's grandfather is a surf legend.

Shifting Gears  

GENRE: Family
Director: Jason Winn

Tom, an over-worked husband and father, abandons his dead-end job to follow his dream of owning his own business. The only problem: he invested everything in a mechanic shop that has a lien in favor of his arch enemy and must now enter a dirt track...

Take Me Home  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2011
Director: Sam Jaeger

Having discovered that her husband is cheating on her, Claire jumps into a New York taxi and tells the driver to just drive. TAKE ME HOME is a funny, heartfelt story where the locations play a vital role.

The Looking Glass (aka Swan Song)  

GENRE: Family
Director: John D. Hancock (Prancer, Bang The Drum Slowly)

Troubled 13-year-old Julie loses her mother and must go to Indiana to live with her grandmother Karen. A former star of stage and screen, they must overcome their differences so that the grandmother may pass on all she knows to her granddaughter....