Big Day, The  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2000
Director: Ian McCrudden

There might be an I don't, before I do.

L.A. Blues  

GENRE: Drama, Dark Comedy
YEAR: 2007
Director: Ian Gurvitz

A year in the lives of 6 guys who hang out in a blues bar in Hollywood, dealing with heartache and longing, loving and losing, striving and failing, and dealing with adversity; creating a story about male friendship and the way these guys communicate.

Nanny Insanity  

GENRE: Comedy
YEAR: 2006
Director: Kevin Connor

Some hilarious things happen to a Philadelphia couple after they hire a Ukrainian housekeeper.

Some Guy Who Kills People  

GENRE: Sci-Fi / Horror, Comedy
YEAR: 2011
Director: Jack Perez

Ken Boyd, fresh out of the mental hospital, has returned to his small hometown, where he works at the ice cream parlor, and lives with his mother. Bullied by his boss and dealing with his mom's incessant insults, Ken plots his revenge

Video Guys, The  

GENRE: Family, Comedy
YEAR: 2009
Director: Dan Brennan

Your wedding day can be the most stressful day of your life. The Video Guys have seen it all, from cheating grooms to sexy brides. Now they face their greatest challenge…to shoot one of their ex-wife’s weddings