In Plain Sight  

GENRE: Documentary
Director: Noam Lamberth, David Trotter

Stories of Hope and Freedom is a feature-length documentary focused on six modern-day abolitionists as they fight sex trafficking across America. Journeying to six US cities, the film opens the viewer's eyes to what's happening down the street...

Living Hope  

GENRE: Documentary
Director: David Kiern

"Living Hope" is a feature-length documentary film that tells the inspirational story of John and the hundreds who came alongside him to fight poverty and disease in South Africa. Filmed in a visual style comparable to a National...

Mother India  

GENRE: Documentary
YEAR: 2014
Director: Noah Lamberth, David Trotter

Narrated by Rebecca St. James, Mother India Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan is a compelling documentary capturing the life and stories of orphaned children living along the railway.