Afghan Knights  

GENRE: Adventure, Action
YEAR: 2006
Director: Allan Harmon

Pepper's last mission is to find a man left behind, but everything chnages when he ends up in a supernatural battle lead by the warrior Genghis Kahn.

Beyond Fear  

GENRE: Action
YEAR: 1993
Director: Robert Lyons

Fighting Fear and Facing Danger Deep In the Wilderness... Where Death is Her Hunter

College Kickboxers  

GENRE: Adventure, Action
YEAR: 1991
Director: Eric Sherman

The Toughest Lessons They Learned Were Outside of School.

Deadly Past  

GENRE: Drama, Action
YEAR: 1995
Director: Tibor Takacs

Bartender on parole gets re-involved with his previous girlfriend, only to discover he's part of her criminal scheme.


GENRE: Action
YEAR: 1991
Director: Paul Leder

He fought for his life, he died for his freedoms, and he did it all on his terms.

Kill Me Later  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy, Adventure, Action
YEAR: 2000
Director: Dana Lustig

A man on the run for his life meets a woman who wants to end hers. They make a deal, “Help me now and I’ll kill you later.” And so begins the run for both their lives.

My Name Is Paul  

GENRE: Word Feature Films, Action
YEAR: 2014
Director: Trey Ore

Caught between two worlds, Paul blinded by hate and intent on destruction is determined to find and kill Peter, the enemy. However a terrible accident takes him off course and on a road to discovery where he learns to live and love.

Ring Girls  

GENRE: Action
YEAR: 2004
Director: Jennifer Ferrara & Thomas Weber

Chicks That Kick...Vegas to Bangkok. A world renown Muay Thai kick boxing master trains five American women to be the fiercest fighters on the planet and face the best Muay Thai boxers on their home ground.

Trail (Let God), The  

GENRE: Word Feature Films, Adventure
YEAR: 2014
Director: William Parker

Iin 1848, Levi decides it is time to head to California on th hunt for Gold with Amelia, his young housewife, to stake their claim and build a better life. On the trail they encounter unimaginable danger that will ultimately change the course of their lives.