Coyote County Loser  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2009
Director: Jason Naumann

This film is a crowd-pleasing, family friendly, romantic comedy about how Jack Proctor, LA radio jock, rolls into dusty Coyote County to prove his suave ways are effective in helping listeners find love.

Dog Gone Love (aka Man’s Best Friend)  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2003
Director: Rob Lundsgaard

Steven's new romantic relationship with Rebecca is going great: they both like dogs, good books, and shopping. The only problem is that Rebecca thinks he's gay. On a trip to the animal clinic, Steven meets the charming and beautiful veterinarian...


GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2004
Director: Jane Weinstock

Easy is a very funny, beautifully touching film about a gorgeous young woman who sleeps around, can’t find a relationship and finally discovers herself. It’s smart, sexy, raw and real.

Green Flash  

GENRE: Romance, Adventure, Action
YEAR: 2008
Director: Paul Nihipali

This fabulous romantic action adventure shows the world of volleyball on the beautiful beaches of the United States. David Charvet (BAYWATCH) makes an run at stardom on the pro beach volleyball tour.

Greener Mountains  

GENRE: Romance, Mystery, Family
YEAR: 2008
Director: Lee Shallat Chemel

Greener Mountain is the story of JP Barton an adopted boy raised on a Vermont family resort. The arrival of a young, free spirited artist, Alice Flynn, pits brother against brother and propels JP on an explosive course vying for her love.

Heavy Petting  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2007
Director: Marcel Sarmiento

When Charlie (Hines) meets Daphne (Akerman), the girl of his dreams, he never expects he will have to battle past her pet dog “Babydoll” to win her heart. Just when it seems he can’t beat the beast, and all is lost, something unexpected happens.

Just Write  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 1997
Director: Andrew Gallerani

A tour bus driver gets caught posing as a Hollywood insider to win his idol, a young fast-rising starlet. Can he risk telling her the truth and still manage to keep her? In life & love, anything is possible.

Kill Me Later  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy, Adventure, Action
YEAR: 2000
Director: Dana Lustig

A man on the run for his life meets a woman who wants to end hers. They make a deal, “Help me now and I’ll kill you later.” And so begins the run for both their lives.

Let It Snow (aka Snow Days)  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2000
Director: Adam Marcus

On one magical snow day, James meets Sarah. From the moment they share their first afternoon in the snow, they are linked for life. But four years later, they both end up in New York pursuing very separate lives. With the threat of Sarah’s...

One Small Hitch  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2012
Director: John Burgess

Molly Mahoney (Aubrey Dollar) is flying home to Chicago for her mom's wedding... bringing a "Mystery Man" with her, but when she discovers this Mystery Man has a Mystery Wife, she dumps him at the curbside check-in.


GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2011
Director: Valerie Breiman

After breaking up with her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, Jenny shares a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York with a love-damaged group of passengers. These strangers buckle up for love's bumpy ride.

Pipe Dream  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2001
Director: John Walsh

It's not who you are, it's who they think you are.

Quarterlife Crisis  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2006
Director: Kiran Merchant

Dumped on his 27th birthday by his college sweetheart for being indecisive, Neil makes a silly bet that takes him on a wild ride through New York’s singles scene

Sweet Nightmare  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 1999
Director: Fernando Fragata

She steals his car and his furniture. But can she steal his heart?

Take Me Home  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2011
Director: Sam Jaeger

Having discovered that her husband is cheating on her, Claire jumps into a New York taxi and tells the driver to just drive. TAKE ME HOME is a funny, heartfelt story where the locations play a vital role.

Tattoo, A Love Story  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 2002
Director: Richard Bean

After a giant Harley-riding biker teaches a beautiful schoolteacher’s grade school students to tattoo themselves with permanent pens, her well-ordered life takes an amusing unexpected turn. As she struggles to maintain her firm views on life,...

Wedding Bell Blues  

GENRE: Romantic Comedy
YEAR: 1997
Director: Dana Lustig

Three Single Women. 24 Hours In Vegas. Nothing To Lose.