100 Mile Rule

Title: 100 Mile Rule
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2002
Director: Brent Huff
Writer: Drew Pillsbury
Producers: Eric Gustavson, John Nelson, Isabelle Schenkel, Wendi Lampassi
Cast: Jake Weber, Maria Bello, David Thornton, Michael McKean

After his one-night affair is caught on tape, a married salesman must outwit a beautifully dangerous woman. Three Detroit salesmen come to Los Angeles for a sales seminar. Away from their wives and children, Bobby, Jerry, and their boss, Howard are tempted by the pretty women and the flowing alcohol at the hotel bar. An upstanding family man, Bobby tries desperately not to fall under the peer pressure of his co-workers' motto, the "100 mile rule." If you are 100 miles away from home, you are free to play. While Jerry and Howard spend their free time in pursuit of young females, Bobby sensibly keeps himself occupied with jogging along the harbor. There he meets Monica, a waitress from the hotel bar. That evening, they meet for an innocent dinner. She invites Bobby to her place for an innocent nightcap. He agrees . . . but just for a minute. Giving in to Monica's charm and beauty, he is seduced and the trap is set.

The next day, Monica calls to say that she videotaped their affair, and wants $60,000 or she will send the tape to his wife. Frantic, Bobby enlists the help of his co-workers in double-crossing Monica. But in the end, it is Bobby alone who must decide if his marriage is worth murder.