Promise Kept, A

Title: Promise Kept, A
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2003
Director: Daniel Millican
Writer: Daniel Millican
Producers: Daniel Millican and Betty Buckley
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Joey Lauren Adams, Mimi Rogers

Detective Ben Simm's life spins out of control when his wife is killed by a serial killer. With his beautiful new partner, he is assigned to capture the vigilante whose very goal is to avenge his wife’s murder. Ben’s happy home life is shattered when a brutal serial killer murders his pretty young wife and almost kills his daughter. Devastated, Ben turns into a one-man army dedicated to eliminating his wife’s killer. With his personal life in shambles, he is reassigned to assist a rookie cop in hunting down a cunning vigilante who executes criminals before they are captured. Together they chase this killer-for-justice to an abandoned farm. There, the two cops unmask the vigilante and corner the serial killer in an action packed fight to the death.