Getting Back to Zero

Title: Getting Back to Zero
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2012
Director: Roger Roth
Writer: Wally Lozano, Roger Roth
Producers: Wally Lozano, Roger Roth, Dylan Stern
Cast: William Atherton, Alexis Arquette, Wayne Newton

When Derek and Charlie’s dad died, he left them more than just his craps table. They inherited his 3.5 million dollar gambling debt and three days to pay it back. To make matters worse, their father’s loan sharks are out for blood. With the odds of staying alive against them, and their inability to agree on anything, they decide to host a craps game thinking the odds are in their favor. Unfortunately for them they quickly learn that ‘the house doesn’t always win’ and that dice controllers can really control dice! As they grow deeper into debt they must put aside their differences, and work together in hopes of staying alive, and with a little luck, Getting Back To Zero.