Hit Me

Title: Hit Me
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2005
Director: Michael Kinney
Writer: Michael Kinney/Story by Michael Kinney and Max Herholz
Producers: Ken Lesco, Michael Kinney, Max Herholz, David Bresenham, Megan Peterson, Merry Chen
Cast: Max Herholz, Camden Brady, Kofi Natei

Dan Selig (Max Herholz) a bored thirty-five year old office worker is looking for a way to change his life. His math skills are beyond compare, but he’s not content using those skills to analyze ingredient lists for his food company employer. His ray of light comes in the form of a gorgeous blonde named Alicia (Camden Brady). A dangerous woman, Alicia recruits Dan to join her blackjack card counting team for a one-night, $4 million Las Vegas score. He accepts the offer and meets Thomas (Kofi Natei), a Texas cowboy with a violent past who makes up the third and final member of the team. Alicia trains Dan and Thomas in the art of card counting as the Vegas date draws near. They have only one night to take down the blackjack tables as computerized card shuffling machines will be installed the following day. As the team hits the felt in Sin City, Dan will find out the hard way that with millions up for grabs, trust is an illusion and danger is very real.